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Viewing Message File Attachments: TIFF and TIF

You may receive a secure message with a file attachment containing your test results or other health-related documents.  Many of these are in Tag Image File Format (TIFF), a widely used format for storing image data. If you click on the attachment but cannot open the file, see below for instructions on how to "teach" your computer to use a specific program to view TIFF files.

How to Set a Default Viewer for TIFF and TIF files

Step 1 of 6:

Double-click to open

Step 2 of 6:


Step 3 of 6:


Step 4 of 6:

Select a picture viewing program, then click

Step 5 of 6:

Repeat Step 4, selecting TIFF files, then click

Step 6 of 6:

Select picture viewing program, then click

Exit out of these screens when you have made the setting changes for both TIF and TIFF files. 

Windows will now use whatever program you have set here to open TIF and TIFF files when you execute them.

Questions?  Contact sandy.krum@ht.msu.edu